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Advanced SEO involves an integrated campaign to get you to a high position on Google, using basic and advanced techniques such as competitor analysis - finding out why your competitors are further up the rankings than you are. There is also competitor keyword analysis to consider, and that can take a long time ... since your own site and your competitors sites may sit in many clusters and have many keyword groups in play. To advance your own site, you need to move others aside. To do that, you need to know what those other sites are doing, and how they are doing it.

We will obviously not give away trade secrets here, you will need to contact us for further details of what we can do for you in a campaign. Such a campaign will involve analysing your own site and your own current position, followed by an analysis of your competitors in each keyword group that they and you sit.


We would then offer a strategy (and a price) to improve your rankings, and monitor those rankings day by day, week by week as they climb. We would also analyse the market in which you compete, since there may well be something that your competitors have missed, and some experimentation is involved. 

The elements of an advanced SEO campaign might be :-

  •      Basic website analysis for SEO mistakes
  •      Competitor analysis
  •      Keyword analysis and selection by group
  •      Multi-website operations, feeder websites
  •      Advanced backlink use
  •      Organic backlink feeder sites
  •      Email broadcasts in support of awareness and ranking position


Such an advanced campaign may cost as little as £100 to start, and a thorough analysis of website, position and competitors may cost as little as £500, with an employment of resources costing as little as £250, quoted for step by step.