Bristol & West Country online banner advertising - from £ 10 a month per banner 


Targeted SEO backlinks, increased traffic, online banners, micro-sites, SEO advice...

What every company wants, is for their website to generate more online business. For most companies, that means they listen to their web designer and simply spend more money on a bigger and better website, add some video, RSS feeds and blogs, then spend money on email marketing campaigns when all else fails.

Spending more money does not help, it needs to be well targeted money.


"There is no point in having an expensive and wonderful website if no one is finding it..."


Advertising banners can promote your website cheaply, but they also boost your website's traffic, therefore its Google PageRank, and therefore its overall internet ranking, which leads to more natural traffic ... and hopefully more business. One way to get the right local web traffic, is with a banner on a similar local site.

We typically produce 5 new websites a week, and most of the websites we launch end up No.1 on Google in a few days. If they don't get to the top slot, we boost them till they do. 


We have provable results that speak for themselves, hundreds of websites...


We operate over 150 websites in the UK, most sat in the top slots for the product phrase that we or our customers desire. We also have several websites that are No.1 globally, and they cost a hell of a lot less than you think.

Most days, we are contacted by people with large and expensive websites that are not sat high enough in the Google ranks to get the kind of online traffic and business that the company wants. We advise on how to configure a website so that it will rank higher, and such a consultancy costs less than you think. But in addition to the advice, we can also take practical steps to boost a given website by targeted UK backlinks, banner placements to drive traffic across to another website, and through the use of micro-websites (which are just big banner adverts).

Unlike most SEO companies, we produce our own websites, and on those websites we can place banners and backlinks that will boost your website, and increase traffic. Backlinks can be bought for as little as £1 each, banners placed for as little as £10 a month.

Banners placed on UK websites for as little as £10 a month.

We sell our own backlinks and place banners on our own websites, we don't farm them out. We also create niche micro-sites for customers, from £50 per website, and those sites act like giant advertising banners for a parent website.

"There is no point in having an expensive and wonderful website if no one is finding it..."


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